DebtView Introduces Dropbox Connector

Our new Dropbox connector for DebtView has been released and has been very well received by our existing Customers.  DebtView is a Debt Collection Solution and is flexible enough to support a very wide range of collection and recovery scenarios for many types of businesses, such as; unpaid fine recovery, credit control, car insurance premium recovery, asset repossession and all types of traditional collection scenarios. Our Customers have a very wide set of requirements but one particularly popular one has been the ability to automate the association of files (for example photographs, legal documentation, scanned documents etc.) to an existing DebtView case.

The new Dropbox connector does just that. The connector allows our customers to simply drop any number of files to a Dropbox folder and have DebtView automatically pull them in and associate them to the target cases where DebtView users are able to view crucial information from within DebtView when they need it.

This simple yet highly effective, secure and performant solution has shown to save our customers hours in manual work on a daily basis and also improving collaboration between them and their business partners. The connector provides the ability to allow not only you but also your partners to append information to your cases, such as field agent reports, photographic evidence or allowing your clients to easily append supporting documentation, by simply copy files to a Dropbox share. Collecting information on your cases has never been easier.

The Drobox connector reflects exactly our ethos of ‘work anywhere’ cloud based solution architecture, utilizing today’s tools to help your business achieve its goals as efficiently as possible.

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