Indigo Cloud joins the CSA

We are pleased to announce that Indigo Cloud Ltd has joined the UK’s Credit Services Association (CSA).

Members of the CSA are vetted and approved by the Board of the association, and we are pleased to have been accepted into the membership as of 6th December 2022.

We look forward to interacting with other members as well as attending the various conferences and events organised by the association.

The CSA is the only national trade association in the UK for organisations active in the debt collection and debt purchase industry. Their membership employs nearly 11,000 people, held over £30bn of consumer debt for collection last year across over 25 million accounts, and held nearly £4bn of commercial debts in over 1.5 million commercial accounts.

The CSA’s members act on behalf of a large and diverse range of creditors, including banks and utility companies and are comprised of specialist organisations such as tracing agencies and law firms.