We are pleased to announce that DebtView is now integrated with the ZatPark parking management software from Unity5.

ZatPark is widely used by car park operators and enforcement companies in the management of the ticketing process. The software manages the full lifecycle of the process up to debt recovery. Typically a customer will manage Parking Charge Notices (PCN’s) through the ZatPark software and at the appropriate time, outsource the debt recovery to a specialised agency.

Our new Application Programming Interface (API) means ZatPark customers can now have cases automatically sent to DebtView for debt collection at a specified point in the process. The transfer is fully automated and takes seconds to complete. Once the case is loaded on DebtView, the API requests any supporting documentation from ZatPark, for example, photo evidence, terms and conditions, appeal letters etc. These are added to the case in DebtView ready for the collections process to start. All of this happens automatically with zero human interaction.

Once the case starts down the collections process, regular updates are sent back to ZatPark across the API. The following items are reported back via the API:

  • Payments received
  • Notes
  • Refunds/Adjustments
  • Status updates including closure reasons

Again, each of these is fully automated and requires no human interaction, saving you hours of manual work and negating the need to send and process CSV files between the systems.

Configuration in DebtView is straightforward and can be set across all ZatPark customers, or just a selection.

In short, if you or your customers are using ZatPark to manage the early lifecycle stage of parking charge notices, you really should be taking advantage of this awesome integration.

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