Automated letter printing and delivery in Debtview

Did you know that DebtView has an integration that gives you a simple and easy way to handle your physical document fulfilment requirements?

While you can still print and post all your letters yourself, you have the option with DebtView to have them printed, enveloped, and posted for you – thanks to our colleagues at imail comms.

With no minimum daily volume imail comms can process from single- or double-sided letters all the way up to documents with 8 sides: in either colour or B&W. You won’t then have to go to the trouble of printing, sorting, enveloping, franking and taking your post to the nearest Post Office or to wait for collection by your mail carrier.

Also, the process doesn’t just cover workflow generated letters, but also any letter that your team produces out of DebtView – whether created with a template or not.

We think that this is another service provided by DebtView that we needed to let more people know about as, thanks to having no minimum daily volume, this can deliver benefit to all our clients and not just larger organisations who can take advantage of the economies of scale.

If you want to take the fuss out of using a physical contact strategy, then email us at and we’ll put you touch with imail comms.