Credit Services Association

On Wednesday 21st June 2023, Indigo Cloud took great pleasure in hosting a Credit Services Association webinar and, rather than follow a more traditional format of rehearsed lines and supporting slides, we decided to go for a more informal, podcast style instead.

We decided there were two key issues we wanted to discuss, both of the upmost importance to the Credit and Collections industry. Firstly, we asked what people looked for in a Collection Platform (what were their current issues and what features were they looking for in a new platform) and what were their favourite biscuits…?

The latter may sound like an odd point to bring up, but if you improve your systems and processes, then what better chance to make time for a cup of tea and a biscuit… So, with the help of our friend Chris Warburton of, we took to LinkedIn to find out.

The answers to both questions were discussed in the video below where, as well as the biscuit question, we touched on topics such as ‘getting your basic systems right’ and whether ‘just because you can do AI, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should…’. We enjoyed hosting the webinar and would like to thank Chris Warburton for chairing the discussion and the CSA for giving us the platform to do so.

Please watch the video and let us know what you think, we’d be happy to talk about any of the points raised or any requirements you might have for a new Collection Platform such as DebtView. We probably won’t want to discuss the biscuit question any more though….

Ian Simpson