DebtView is a cloud-based debt collection system. We are regularly making enhancements to improve the system. This summer we completed the construction of what we consider to be one of the most powerful new compliments to our platform. SnapSaaS is a brand-new workflow engine, providing powerful integration and extensibility features to DebtView.

The new engine has allowed us to split our focus between system customisations and integrations and building the core high quality debt collection features in the DebtView platform.

Cloud solutions bring massive benefits to both large and small enterprises, they provide low cost, low maintenance solutions that are easy to access and scale. However, one area which is always a challenge is the ability to customize and integrate cloud solutions into your own way of working and your own on premise systems or third party services.

SnapSaaS has been built from the ground up to solve these challenges. SnapSaaS is the next step on our journey to becoming the world’s most integrated and connected debt collection system.

Following are some examples of how SnapSaaS can help and us and our customers:

Example 1 – Custom Letter Generation and Integration

An existing DebtView customer works with a print fulfilment company who print their letters and send them out each day. This customer is not a collection agency but a large company with their own internal collections department. Due to their growing success, they have taken on more recovery work from various companies within the wider group. As a result, their letters are now being sent on behalf of the various brands within the company. Because the letterhead was pre-printed on headed paper at the print shop, they needed to generate their letter files by company and send separate files to the print shop with the appropriate file naming convention so the correct letterhead could be applied.

Although DebtView provided the ability to do this, there was certainly room for improvement from a manual processing perspective. So, we configured a SnapSaaS flow to manage the process. The SnapSaaS engine now implements this flow from end to end, all without a line of custom code, we simply string together a number of existing components to fulfil their needs similar to the following:

debt collection software integration

Example 2 – Generating Evidence Packs Which Contain Files from Multiple Systems or Services

A common task in DebtView has been to generate something called an evidence pack. This is basically collating all files associated to a case and making it available as a single zipped file.

Without any custom code we are now able to configure a flow that collects data and files from DebtView and other data sources (such as DropBox, ftp, web services) and make them all available as a zipped file either in DebtView’s download centre, where users can easily download the zipped file or have the zipped file emailed to an email address. This is great for spot audits and quick evidence generation for legal disputes.

debt collection file integration

Example – 3 Within Day Information

Another common use for the SnapSaaS engine is to generate simple summary reports where the source data resides in multiple locations. For example, we use SnapSaaS internally at Indigo-Cloud to pull information out of DebtView and out of Azure service logs to generate reports that show correlations between DebtView application activity and Azure service performance information, using a SnapSaaS data merge component. This allows us to be proactive against system issues and bottlenecks.

debt collection reporting integration Example 4 – File Association Through Machine Learning

We work with many different types of business across many industries. One such industry (unpaid parking fine collection) requires heavy use of photographs for evidence. By pulling in a service call to Azure’s machine learning component we have the ability to extract license plate numbers as text and use that to associate the evidence files to the individual cases in DebtView.

debt collection machine learning

Example 5 – Event Driven Architecture

When configured, DebtView has the ability to raise events as debts are updated and acted upon. SnapSaaS is able to listen and react to those changes and execute the appropriate flows as they occur. Whether you need to populate a data warehouse, data lake in real time or apply some custom logic as your data changes, you have a world of options.

We see SnapSaaS as being key to our success and vision going forward. It allows us to provide our customers with highly connected, real-time and heavily customised solutions which brings them competitive advantage and efficiency through automation.

Our main objectives to building the SnapSaaS engine has been to:

  • Provide a low cost and rapid turnaround time alternative to integrating our customers’ existing systems.
  • A platform on which custom business logic and processing can be tailored without heavy development costs.
  • Provide a hybrid solution which is simple to implement, secure and is performant. This allows our customer flows to reach both the cloud and on-premise systems and services.
  • Provide a flexible and connected platform on which DebtView can reach out to peer services and systems to make use of todays’ service driven eco system.
  • Provide our customers with distributed computing capabilities. On executing a Snapsaas flow from DebtView you will experience no performance degradation on your DebtView instance, as all flow processing is distributed in Azure.

We are very excited about what SnapSaaS will be able to bring to our existing and future customers.

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